DENAA+ DENAA+ for fitness and wellness

DENAA+ DENAA + for fitness and wellness.

Our DENAA + CONCEPT for FITNESS and WELLNESS is based on six Provilan products that have been specially developed for fitness studios or SPA areas. Our goal: A reliable effect against bacteria and pathogens - without the use of classic cleaning agents or disinfectants.

We're going a new way. Because we know how stressful a chemical cocktail is for our skin and our respiratory tract. Especially with sporting activities. DENAA + therefore offers completely natural products for microbial cleaning of floors, facilities or sports equipment. For seating and lounging areas, saunas, wet areas, whirlpools or water basins. For sanitary rooms, toilets and sewage systems. For shoes, functional clothing, air conditioning and room air.

Scientific studies and our own research results confirm that this is the right way. Hospitals have tested, analyzed and documented the probiotic effects of the Provilan formula for years. So we know that bacteria don't stand a chance. Self-resistant or even multi-resistant (MRSA).

DENAA + now also offers this success in sports, fitness and wellness. In areas where hygiene and cleanliness are simply important. But just without the outdated use of classic cleaners or disinfectants. Because there is another way. With ecological, bio-certified products. That's why Provilan is THE HEALTHIER CLEANER for us.

DENAA+ for fitness and wellness

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