Provilan. A successful concept.

Provilan. A major opportunity.

Does your family know about Provilan? Do your friends know about Provilan? Or your business partners? Most likely not! This is a special opportunity for you. An ingenious product - but still mostly unknown, at least in Poland. Until August 2018, Provilan was only shipped to customers in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. Now we want to change that and make Provilan popular in Poland. And we are looking for you! As a specialty shop. As a multiplier. As a sales manager.

Provilan. A brilliant product? Why? Provilan is created with a mixture of auto active microorganisms eliminating harmful bacteria. Without any chemistry or disinfection. Simply by optimizing the natural microflora. On surfaces. On walls. In the air. In aquariums and ornamental ponds. On our skin and on the skin of animals. There are millions of microorganisms everywhere which are supposed to prevent germs and pathogens from settling. But multi-resistant bacteria (MRSA) are becoming an increasing problem. Provilan is the natural solution.

Too good tob e true? Or is it a reality? That's exactly what we asked ourselves first. And what convinced us? Scientific research and development of the products. The network of experts, institutes, laboratories and scientific facilities combiened with a scientific study. This study clearly proves that Provilan not only eliminates up to 89% of bacteria on surfaces, but is succeeding permanently with further product use. Hundreds of times tested in practice. Confirmed by veterinarians, pharmacists, specialists and pleased customers from Belgium, Holland or Luxembourg.

Provilan. Unique products for pets and horses. Cleaning agents for private or commercial use. Special solutions for agriculture or for water optimization in aquariums, fish and ornamental ponds. Naturally. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The mix of autoactive microorganisms ensures the reliable effect and diverse applications. As a cleaning supply or care product. For balance or prophylaxis. To optimize utility or drinking water. Do you recognize the potential? The market is waiting for you!

Provilan. We are looking for partners.