Provilan. A unique formula.

At first it was just an idea: using microorganisms to destroy harmful bacteria. That this formula would work the best was obvious to the medical professional Martin M.G. Schoonbroodt. But innovative products can only arise if they are reliably proved to have averifiable effect.

Provilan is the finished product of this idea which is possible because of its unique formula. A mix of different, probiotic microorganisms is the solution eliminate damaging bacteria und unpleasantsmells. The microorganisms optimize every microflora and put it back into a regular balance. Scientifically approved.Tested hundreds of times.Confirmed for years by institutes, doctors, experts and customers from Belgium, Holland or Luxembourg.

Unique products for pets and horses. Cleaning agents for private or commercial use. Special solution for agriculture or for water optimization in aquariums, fish and ornamental ponds. Naturally, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The mix of auto active microorganisms, which are responsible for the reliable effect and the practical application. Cleaning supply and care product. For balance or prophylaxis. For the perception of utility and drinking water.

Provilan. Good for us. Good for our environment.